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What is this ?

Chrome Shark is a chrome extension that transforms web music players into a great full screen music player to fit on your television.

Supported web music players

What is new ?

Grooveshark died (R.I.P.)
A brand new Chrome extension
Player controls for Spotify
Spotify Support
Grooveshark Support

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Chrome Extension

Simply install the chrome extension by clicking on the following button

  1. Go to a supported web music player after the installation.
  2. You should be able to see the Chrome Shark icon in the top right of the url bar.
  3. Click on it, and voilà ! You are now up and running with Chrome Shark


Why should I use Chrome Shark ?

Because it is the perfect solution if your are listening to music online but want it on your Google Chromecastor your television.

Automatic Synchronization

Synchronizes in real timethe track information (e.g. album, album art, artist summary, etc.) on your television.

Designed for the big screen

Chrome Shark was designed for your living room so that everyone in the house could enjoy your music

Easy to use

Simply go to a supported web music player, select your songs, start Chrome Shark and click on the Play button. The app will take care of the rest!

It is perfect for enjoying a beer with your friends in the living room!

Open source

Chrome Shark is completly open source.

Anybody who wants to help can contribute to the project

You can find all the source code at Github

A Clean interface

The interface is optimized for a full screen experiencein order to provide all the information that you need.

The interface will also automatically flip itself after a cetain amount of time so that your TV pixels will not get burned.

Chrome Shark - Interface

Chrome Shark - Controls

The controls you need

From the interface, you can Play/ Pausea track or simply skip it!

You skipped one to many songs ? Do not panick ! Just click on the Previous button and you are safe !

The information

In addition to the track information, Chrome Shark will also get the album art and the artist summary using the fantastic API .

Chrome Shark - Album Art Chrome Shark - Artist Summary

About me

René-Pier Deshaies-Gélinas

Programmer, musician.


If you are interested in what I do or just love programming, music or video games, follow me on Twitter because I like these things too !

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Q : Why is it name Chrome Shark ?

A: Well... that is kind of funny. The inital goal of the application was to have a nice Grooveshark (R.I.P.) interface on my TV using my ChromeCast. Then, Grooveshark died and I started using Spotify. This is why Chrome Shark is now compatible with Spotify